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Ship 30 for 30

These 5 Headlines I Saw Yesterday …Stopped Me in My Tracks

The people who read your essay (or thread) do so because you GOT THEM with your headline.

Bad Essay + Bad Headline = Unread essay

Bad Essay + Great Headline = Read essay

Below are some great headlines I’ve seen on Day 1 of Ship 30.

How jumping out of an airplane, leaving my 20-year career, and beating cancer gave me the courage to post of Twitter, @clairetaitte

Three things that, on the surface, have absolutely nothing to do with each other. But they all have the element of someone facing abject terror, and pushing through.

I Quit Writing Essays. This Happened:, @JessSRosen

What?! Does she know something I don’t?

This is an Extremely Valuable, Actionable Piece of Advice, @LukeAyton

Yeah, yeah, yeah, and I’m about to scroll past. But then I think …. Hmmm …. what will I miss if I don’t click? GOT ME. (And then I saw that it was Luke. Should’ve known. Good one, mate!)


WHAT???? (This was the tweet opener, not the headline. But the shock effect was instant.) And then I see, HA! it’s his mom again. Didn’t matter, GOT ME. (Maggie, next time make that the headline! I wish I could record the howls ….)

What Creator Imposter Syndrome Is Not, @jerinenicole

Hang on. What it isn’t? HUH! She took a piece of common knowledge, turned it upside down, and asked the question.



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David Kimbell


Curiosity. Questions. Simplicity. Principles. Meaning. The Vital Few, not the Trivial Many. Be your own Chief Questions Officer.