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These 2 Boomer-Millennial conflict myths just got busted

David Kimbell
2 min readJul 9, 2021


I’ve had 4 dozen conversations with complete strangers over the last 3 months.

From 19-year-old Millenials, to 80-something Seniors. And they’ve busted two big myths for me about inter-generational conflict.

Here they are:

Myth #1: Millenials think Boomers are responsible for climate change and government debt. Hurry up and die, willya?

Well, maybe they believe the first sentence.

But they they sure don’t wish Boomers would hurry up and die.

On the contrary ….

They wanted to hear MY story! The conversation was full of, How did you ….? I found myself an object of inspiration.

For some of them, a chat with me made way more than just their day.

Myth #2: Boomers think Millenials are latte-loving flakes who spend all their time scrolling.

Kidding me?

These kids are bloody fascinating! They’ve done cool stuff that never even entered my head when I was that age. Guts, man. And learned and studied stuff I never even though about at their age.

I recently completed the 2nd live cohort of Write The Ship.

Every zoom session was roughly 10–15 people, who were mostly in their forties to sixties. The youngest one in the room?

Nicolas Cole.

Teaching a bunch of Boomers.

The conversation was incredibly rich. Great education, not just on writing, but on how to run a live cohort community. And I think Cole benefitted as much as the rest of us.

Mega-Win all around.

So this generational-conflict stuff is nonsense. Watch this space. Extraordinary stuff is going to emerge in this space. Count me IN!



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