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These 2 Bitcoin Prophets Talked for 2 Hours About Ancient History

David Kimbell
2 min readJan 18, 2022


And I listened to them.

Their objective: Set the foundation for the development of Bitcoin. (Although Bitcoin was barely mentioned.)

What did I learn?

(The video:

HUMANS topped the animal kingdom when they recognised:

Natural Laws (and leveraged them)

“Nature tends to pursue the most energy efficient strategy”.

Much easier working with gravity …. or human nature …. than against it.

Resources, talents, abilities are not distributed equally

“No such thing as a fair fight”. — Roman army

Romans developed arrows to win battles from a distance — risky hand-to-hand combat not needed.

Leverage what you’re good at → Tilt fight in your favour.


Man’s first new technology — could be used for warmth, light, predigestion of food, protection from predators.


Could be used for sanitation, allowing human to live together in larger numbers and concentrations — could also be channeled long distances.


Freed man from the need to hunt, which was inherently risky.

Humans’ Own Innate Nature

People are individuals, not a collective.

US aircraft carrier captains only get 2 years in the job. Why?

It engenders hope in the lower ranks: “One day you’ll get your turn”.

Otherwise the lower-downs wouldn’t stick with the Navy.

The Value of Standardized Parts, Weights, Measures

That don’t change with time or political expediency.

Become a trustworthy platform on which to build further progress.

Feedback Systems

Example: PAIN — your body telling your brain, something needs correcting.

Correct it, pain lessens, body can function better.

Leave out the feedback …. you know what happens.




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