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The dragon in the room every entrepreneur must do battle with

Listened yesterday to a chat between Claire Pelletreau and Brooke Castillo.

Brooke is in the life coaching space. Correction: WAS. She’s now in the Life Coach Coaching space.

Yep. She COACHES (and certifies) Life Coaches. C’mon. How much money can there be in THAT, then?

Oh, not much. She only grossed $17 million in 2018, with just 10 employees. (That’s revenue/employee of $1.7 million). Huh, trivial.

She did $34 million last year. Only double in two years, pah. Her ambition is $100 million by 2025. Methinks she might overshoot THAT by just a bit, Toto.

How did she do it? you might (SHOULD) be asking. Simple.

She did it …. by Valuing Herself.

And no, that is NOT the same as narcissism. It is simply recognising that you have great value to bring the world, and determining to do it.

Did I mention, she only works three days a week?

She’s asked if she ever offers discounts to her prospects. Never, she answers. You don’t help someone by lowering the price. The price is never really the issue, it’s because the prospect doesn’t see the value. Improve the value, never reduce the price. (This is CLASSIC Dan Kennedy.)

Why don’t they see the value?

Self-doubt. It’s because they don’t see the value in themselves.

Ever wondered why you haven’t succeeded yet?

Tell yourself: It’s because you don’t value yourself enough, and your customers don’t value themselves enough either.

YOU be the leader on this.



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