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The 1 Thing Psychology, Agency-Building, AI, Effectuation, and Memesis All Have In Common

David Kimbell
2 min readSep 24, 2021


No, I don’t suppose you did ask🙄

They’re all topics discussed by the 3 Grumpy Creatives on Fridays in a #TwitterSpace.

The 3 Grumpy Creatives are @NishPatel, @MarkModesti, and myself, who are:

1️⃣ NOT Grumpy

We pretend. Because, well …. two of us are The Wrong Side of 50, & the third is about to qualify. At this age, ur SPOSTA do grumpy 🤬

2️⃣Somewhat BRAINY (& Very, Very Modest 😃)

(though Mark would say he’s @MarkModesti 🤣)

We like engaging with abstract concepts and ideas about How The World …. and Human Beans …. Actually WORK.

We also really enjoy hearing each other THINK. The conversation is NEVER BORING

3️⃣ Entrepreneurs

Two of us are copy/content writers, and the third is a CEO.

4️⃣ Optimists
Ain’t NO negativity in this room ….

Sometimes, we feature a Human Bean rather than a topic🙋‍♀️🙋

@DavidNunez, @PolzerAndrea, @StroteBook, and @ColinYJChung have graciously volunteered in the past.


Which means, the 3 Creative Grumps are on! 8PM Europe/2PM Eastern/11AM Pacific.

Today? A topic. Which is ….

TACIT KNOWLEDGE📚 (Wut da hel iz DAT?)

See these for some light:

It’s usually an intimate #TwitterSpace. Rarely more than 8 peeps (including us).

Soooooo …. if you want the microphone, you should have no problem grabbing it. (No singing.)

Bored in a few hours? 😑

You Know What To Do …

8PM Europe/2PM Eastern/11AM Pacific



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