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Robert Breedlove Just Released Another Video. That Clattering Sound Was My Jaw Bouncing Off The Floor.

David Kimbell
3 min readFeb 8, 2022


I enjoy listening to Robert Breedlove on YouTube.

Bitcoin, Austrian economics … all the stuff. But his latest one caught me right off guard:

Pierre Poilievre, a Conservative MP just across town from me (who’s just announced he aims to be next 🇨🇦Canadian prime minister).


CLICK. Got me.

Beginning. To. End. (Link to the video is here.)

More surprises were to come. Here’s what I heard: 👇

Pierre and his wife routinely watch Robert Breedlove’s videos.

Damn, I’m impressed.

Pierre has actually asked “What is Money?” on the floor of the House of Commons


Suddenly I’m breathing a little more easily.

Modern politics has no feedback loop

Politicians have no clue where the money they spend comes from.

Trees, no?

Pierre once asked in a spending committee, “Where’s the money coming from to fund this new programme?”

Silence. No idea.

1st rule of economics: Money is Scarce.

1st rule of politics: IGNORE 1st Rule of Economics

They never suffer the consequences of their spending decisions, so lack incentive to spend it wisely.

Proper role of central banks is: Protect the value of money

Quantitative Easing, aka “printing money”, is NOT their proper role.

Just leads to INFLATION, which shrinks the economy by screwing up price signals and punishing good economic behaviour.

Inflation is just taxation without legislation

Rising prices allow politicians to dodge responsibility.

Money is supposed to transfer today’s work into tomorrow’s reward. Damage that, and you kill any incentive for citizens to take responsibility for themselves.


  • Rewards CONSUMPTION of capital, and Immediate Gratification
  • Punishes ACCUMULATION of capital, and Delayed Gratification

People just living to survive another day — no thought for the future.

Ayn Rand:

“The right to life is the source of all life, and the right to property is its only implentation. Without property rights, no other rights are possible.”

Inflation destroys foundation of civilization

Consistent Runaway Inflation → Political Instability

The surge in house prices is driving homelessness

Canada has HUGE land, yet we have 2 of the world’s most expensive cities

A price correction was starting in Mar 2020, but Quantitative Easing postponed the correction and resumed insane house price growth

Canadian health agency plans to track our cellphones for next 5 years


Claim: Need to understand people movements & virus transmission of the virus

What, the pandemic is scheduled to last 5 years? No?

Then why would they want to track people for that long?

Trudeau’s bold grab for unlimited spending power in 2020

Tried to secure ~2 yrs of spending power unfettered by Parliament.

(My note: He almost got it. It was one paragraph snuck into the bill at the last minute. Only one opposition MP spotted it and rang the alarm bell.)

Still managed to get 6 months.

What’s going on?

Govts are stoking constant fear, encouraging us to fear each other

Enables them to preserve govt overreach of individual liberties

The UK parliament met throughout the Battle of Britain

As the bombs were falling.

Trudeau closed Parliament 2020 for a virus.

(My note: Then retreated to grounds of Rideau Hall, from whence he emerged just long enough to issue presidential-style dictats and avoid scrutiny.

Re-opened parliament eventually, but called an election when the scrutiny got too annoying.)



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