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Playing the Business game from a disadvantage? These 4 steps will have your competition hating your guts.

19-year-old Jimmy Pedro started learning Judo, way behind the Japanese youngsters who’d been judokas since age 5.

John Malone became CEO of nearly-bankrupt cable company TCI.

Martine Rothblatt’s daughter had Pulmonary ArteriaL hypertension (PAL)

Singapore was ejected from Malaysia in the 1960s, with no natural resources & a history of ethnic strife.

You in a situation like that? Me too.

Here’s what we can do.

1. Ask yourself: Are You Playing to Play, or to Win?

You know the right answer.

2. Deconstruct the game

Break it down to its simplest fundamentals.

Study them all (including your opponents).

Hard thinking.

3. Find an aspect everyone else ignores, which will rig the game in your favour.

An edge or loophole. Master it quickly.

Apply it ruthlessly.

4. Don’t compete where you can’t compete

You will permanently change the game.

Your opponents will hate your guts, but hey! You want to win this game, right?

Jimmy Pedro twigged, he could excel at gripping. He earned Olympic Bronze, eventually training Gold medalists.

John Malone loaded the company with debt, allowing him to write off all taxes. With the proceeds, he expanded TCI’s base rapidly, taking them to front runner. His customer service was crap, but the rules didn’t require that, so he didn’t care.

Martine Rothblatt found a molecule that reduced arterial pressure between lungs and heart. Glaxo Wellcome wasn’t going to develop it. She bought the rights. Daughter and other sufferers, cured. New business, launched.

PM Lee Kwan Yew realized Singapore’s potential as a major int’l hub. Networked like crazy, building int’l business and academic partnerships. In one generation, tiny undeveloped Singapore became an envied island of skyscrapers.



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