Ship 30 for 30

Nobody cares about your Tweet (or Headline)

Think back to the last time an unwelcome knock came at your door. Ooh! Friendly face?

Nope. It’s someone soliciting donations to the Charitable Cause of the Month. Or selling a vacuum cleaner. Or (if you recognise this, you’re OLD) an encyclopaedia set.

Thanks, I gave at the office.

That face has precisely 2 seconds with which to buy 5 more seconds of your time, with which to buy 30 more seconds, with which to buy, yadda, yadda …..

Knowing the whole time that all you want is to (A) slam the door, or (b) Have some Deep Emotional Itch scratched (really, really well). The default is (A).

You don’t care about her precious charity. You’d like to stick his vacuum cleaner up his dark bodily orfice. And you’d like to SMOKE the damn encyclopaedia.

Same thing goes for your tweets.

(Difference with the tweets is, the default is (B). They’re open to being entertained.)

Only way they’re going to even TOLERATE the idea of tweeting back or letting a headline soak into those retinas …. is if you somehow scratch That Emotional Itch.

What Is That Itch?

The tweet is the first 2 seconds, the headline the next 5.

Remember: They don’t care about your precious tweet. Or headline.

I’m now going back to work on my tweet and headline.

Did I win?

Curiosity. Questions. Wisdom. Simplicity. Principles. Meaning. The Vital Few rather than the Trivial Many. Be your own Chief Questions Officer.

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