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Jordan Peterson just got a blockchain education. Now university administrators are peeing their pants.

I listened to Saifedean Ammous and Jordan Peterson talk for 2 hours about money.

No talk with Jordan Peterson in it is boring. Even so, there were some surprising statements for someone who isn’t a blockchain noob.

Key takeaways below:

Economic value is subjective. Economic calculations can’t be done by governments, only by individuals.

No it isn’t. Yes they can, and they should.

And rewarding those who are good at playing politics, because they’re right next to the money printing press.”

We’re smarter than you, we know best, leave us alone while we fix the mess.

“Altcoins are easy money. The supply of these coins can be inflated without much difficulty. There will always be reasons to print more money.”

“Most of the money is consumed by the bureaucracy, who expand faster, and who undermine the power of the politically-naive faculty.”

And here’s the quote that should have university administrators quaking in their boots:

Is he thinking about starting his own university?



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