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I’m my own worst enemy 101

David Kimbell
2 min readMar 1, 2022


Last weekend, I watched Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole interview Justin Welsh about his creator success.

AWESOME chat. Buuuuut …

Just 3 minutes of it hit me square between the eyes.


I’ll tell you which 3 mins, and why I was embarrassed. (If you watch just those 3 minutes, you’d get 90% of the value of the whole hour.)

Justin is earning ~$400k pretty much just by publishing on LinkedIn and Twitter, and selling his own products.

Not too shabby.

All of it done by writing. Buuuuut …

It’d be a mistake to think he’s a writer …


Everything he does, is systemized.

A template for EVERYTHING he publishes, to minimize the thinking required for every post.

Every template is based on a post that has knocked it out of the park before.

Rinse, Repeat, Rinse, Repeat …

He has a publishing schedule.

Makes it super easy to just flip open the laptop Monday morning, and follow the script he’s set for himself.

Even on mornings when he’s really not feeling it, and creative inspiration is nowhere to be found, he can still publish.

He’s Automated His Thinking.

Based on what he knows will work

He let us see some of his templates. Here’s the link to the video:

But to see Justin’s templates, you should go straight to the 17:00 mark, and watch from there for 3 minutes.

Why was I embarassed?

Guess what I used to do for a living?

I was a systems engineer, for pete’s sake!

For years. Aircraft. Big birds.

Why on earth did I think that this creator thing wouldn’t require systems?

So now, I’m completely rethinking my creator & copywriting journey.

Focusing on setting up systems & templates, as much as possible.

Go check out the vid. It’s worth waaaaaaaaay more than the 3-minute investment of your time:



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