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How to Mine Gold from Your Head into Twitter — 5 Ways

I listened in on the Ship30for30 Endless Idea Generator webinar yesterday.

Heard Richard Bush and Nicolas Cole riff on this before. Even so, plenty of new (and old) AHA’s.

Here are mine. (If you have some to add, please share in replies below!)

1. “You are an Expert at Solving the Problems you had 2 years ago.”


Never thought of that.

I had TONS of problems 2 years ago = I am an expert on TONS of things NOW

Write ’em down!

2. Before You Write Anything, Make 3 Decisions.


  • 4A framework
  • Approach
  • Credibility

My choices for this essay:

  • Actionable
  • Ways
  • Curator

(When you get Good at That, Add a 4th Decision:

What VOICE will you write in?

  • Authoritative bespectacled professor?
  • Snivelling teenage brat?
  • Foul-mouthed rock star?)

3. Piggy-back on the Greats

Study the Greats. (Focus on just a few.)

Listen to them. Publish your learnings. Double down on what resonates.

And then give it your own unique twist.

4. This is a Marathon, not a Sprint

No such thing as an overnight success.

@DickieBush was active on Twitter for a YEAR before he finally hit success. @OneJKMolina is big now, but he was nobody on Twitter 18 months ago.


5. Success comes in Quantum Leaps

Follow the data.

Most of what you write will get a ho-hum reaction. Some will get almost NO reaction. And then, out of the blue ….

One/Two will go meteoric. (Generally anything > 10% engagement is meteoric.)

THAT’S what you chase.

‘Nuff said?



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