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Ship 30 for 30

False beliefs you have about Money (that hold you back)

Peter Drucker tells how television manufacturers in 1950s Japan refused to market their products to rural farmers. Reason: They were too poor to afford a TV. Funny thing was, nobody told the farmers. They were all too willing to make sacrifices elsewhere for a TV offering them a window on the outside world. (As one enterprising salesman found out.)

What customers can or can’t afford is none of your business.

This has only one cause: , and therefore, your own value. Crazy fact: There are people out there who will happily pay (WAY) more for your services, if you but offer them a reason. Key word there: OFFER.

“If I have more than enough, somebody else must not have enough. That makes me greedy!”

The amount of CASH in circulation is fixed (zero-sum), TRUE. The amount of VALUE you can potentially create (and circulate) with that cash? INFINITE.

And as for greedy, if you bring home less than you could, aren’t you ripping off your family?

“Everyone should be equal! Therefore money should be distributed equally!”

(a) Try telling that to Money. (b) Everyone is equal in God’s sight, sure. But everyone offers equal value in the marketplace? . You’re fooling yourself, but you sure aren’t fooling money.

It isn’t the money you have sitting in the bank that feeds you.

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