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Ship 30 for 30

El Salvador Bitcoin legal currency announcement is not really news. Here’s why.

“El Salvador to make Bitcoin legal tender”.

Not really news. Not by a long shot. (Except in El Salvador.)

It’s an announcement of an INTENTION.

Lotsa water between intention and delivery.

Politicians in that neck of the woods have a reputation for corruption and infighting. And ABUSE (to put it mildly) of power, and of their citizens.

It’s not even news if El Presidente Bukele actually succeeds with it.

Though that would only be a positive for El Salvadoreans. (Man, can they do with a leg up.)

(If anything, the real news here is that El Salvador now gives crypto entrepreneurs immediate permanent residence. To develop the country’s financial infrastructure. THAT’S cool. Lightning app provider @ln_strike is there already.)

So what is it, then?

It’s the first crack in the dyke.

And cracks grow.

They can be repaired, if detected early. But ya gotta move fast, and governments are too bureaucratic to move fast.

(I used to design aircraft. Cracks are na-a-a-asty little beasts.)


One’s an idiot. Two?

That’s a MOVEMENT.

h/t @nayibbukele, @ln_strike. Go for it. Help El Salvador live up to its name.



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