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Ship 30 for 30

Conquering The Mind podcast

Put 2 superb thinkers in the same room. What happens

Simple: They shift your mind.

Conquering The Mind. @Naval and @KapilGuptaMD. Listened to it twice through.

Takeaways below, links at the end.

Warning: It’s HEAVY, but POWERFUL

How-To’s, Hacks, Methods, etc, Are PRESCRIPTIONS

Useful for small, mechanical tasks.

But prescriptionize art? You just have a new god to worship.

Any attempt to apply Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan …. will not lead to you becoming them.

You Don’t Like Being Told What To Do

But we’ve been conditioned (& allowed ourselves to believe) it’s what we need.

The problem is, Believing we want prescriptions. We don’t.

If You’re Really Serious About An Endeavour, You Will FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF

People who ask for stock tips, aren’t serious about investing.

People who ask ‘What biz should I build?’ aren’t serious about entrepreneurship.

The Path To Greatness, Is NOT DESCRIBABLE To Anyone Else

The person who becomes world-class at anything, if they retrace their steps, and mimick their first performance, will fail.

There are 1000’s of little details that are not transmissable.

The Path To Greatness, Is Not Describable To Yourself, Either

The things that you do greatest, are things that you know not how you do. You just do them. You can’t explain it.

Real Freedom, Is Freedom From The Mind

This is where all your pain comes from.

Not from external circumstances.

The Fundamental Problem Is: Problems

The idea that someone should quit feeling so anxious, is the problem.

The solution to the problem is not in the solution, it’s in understanding the problem.

Dive deep into the problem. Find the truth.

Prescription-Givers Have Hijacked The English Language

They treat circumstances.

But circumstances only reveal pain, which comes from within.

Real freedom does not create more problems.

It’s About The Destination, NOT The Journey

Though destinations require journeys.

Search for the truth. You’ll know you’ve found it when the problem is solved for good.

You Search For Truth By Exposing Yourself To It

A human being becomes their environment. Savagely arrange your environment to line up with where you want to go. Most don’t do it.

Expose yourself consistently to truth, not prescriptions. That then becomes how you think.

EXAMPLE: How Do You Create Wealth ASAP?

Surround yourself with successful entrepreneurs (eg, by moving to Silicon Valley).

Eventually, you’ll succeed. You won’t be able to avoid it.



(Recommend reading the transcript WHILE listening to the podcast.)



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