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Ship 30 for 30

Being a SuperHero has never been easier. Just have at least 3 of these superpowers.

David Kimbell
2 min readJun 11, 2021


NOTE: I didn’t say, Being a SuperHero is easy.

Just that, it’s never been EASIER.

You just need at least 3 of these superpowers.

Connecting Other People

You see an anti-discussion. A discussion that’s not happened yet.

“You and you. Do you know this guy over here? Let me introduce you …”


You can feel others’ pain, as if it was your own.

And it hurts.


Copywriting (written word). Public speaking (spoken word).

Both? Deadly.

Coding, and Techsavvy

You can think abstractly, about something specific, and learn/build a few tools to create something as-yet-uncreated.

You Spot Problems, and the underlying Opportunities

Cultivated optimism, man.

Every cloud has a silver lining.


Sixth sense.

You can SEE STUFF that’s happening, that no one else can.

You Listen

You can silence the voices in your own head, to focus on the voices in someone else’s.

You take Initiative

You’re the Actor, the Singer, the Dancer.

Not the audience.

You can spot, and leverage, the Superpowers in Others

That’s why Captain America was the superhero calling the shots.

Btw …. there’s one SuperHero power that’s absolutely essential. Did you spot it?


Without that one …. you’re a Super-VILLAIN.



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