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7 Awesome Truths you only discover when there’s a death in the family

On Oct 31st, as the Halloween trick-or-treaters were heading home to bed … my mother-in-law was quietly slipping away to a Higher Existence.

In the days since, I’ve rediscovered some truths that are positively AWESOME.

Here they are:

#1. Family bonds

People normally scattered across 9 time zones are reconcentrating.

And those that can’t concentrate physically … wish they could.

#2. Sound sleep

It’s hard to sleep when someone precious to you is suddenly, irrevocably GONE.

You’re constantly monitoring the others to help them cope. And they, you.

#3. Routine

Same bed, same pillow, same schedule, same job, same few people, same tasks …. cut down the volume of decisions necessary every day.

It’s all impossible when someone close to you dies.

#4. Rational thought

It’s taken me 4 days to organise my thoughts enough to type out this essay.

Most of my waking moments have been too unpredictable to focus.

#5. Memories

We all spent most of yesterday looking through huge piles of old family photos. Scribbling thoughts to share at the memorial service.

Reliving the experiences…

#6. Zero Guilt, Zero Shame

I did right by my mother-in-law. I did right by my old dad.

No unfinished business, no regrets. That’s precious, I tell ya.

#7. Purpose

An overarching goal that concentrates the mind, and makes you get up and withstand hardships … is AWESOME.

My mother-in-law was a success. Never gave up in her race. She got Carpe Diem.

Well-built, well-maintained relationships with real, live Human Beans … are what make life worth living.



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