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Ship 30 for 30

6 Things Wealth is NOT. 6 Things it IS.

The secret to wealth attraction is knowing:

  • What changes, and what never changes.
  • What’s uncertain, and what’s dead certain.

Here’s what Wealth is NOT:

1. A pile of Money in the bank.

Banks fail. They lie to their depositors, and help themselves to the deposits.

2. A bunch of secure investments.

Even the smartest founders make stupid moves, or are unlucky. Bye-bye investments.

3. A stable government that promises to take care of you in your old age.

They print money, and rig the rules to suit them, not you.

4. A high-paying job with a secure employer.

(You gotta be kidding. This went out with the dodo’s.)

5. A big house, debt-free.

Houses catch fire. Insurance finds ways of not paying out.

6. Bitcoin or crypto!

One big enough hack or EMF blast can knock out the world’s electronic networks.

Here’s what Wealth IS:

1. A network of people who’ve got your back.

They like and trust you, TOTALLY. Will drop everything to help you. Ditto you for them.

2. Being comfortable in your own skin.

You LIKE yourself. Peace and contentment are the norm. Not anxiety.

3. Knowing how to create the money you need, when you need it.

You’ve got the skill to craft new offers, create new customers, and tap into that network.

4. Knowing what you’re uniquely equipped to do.

Which you practise, daily.

5. Knowing Human Nature.

6. A live connection with your Creator.



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