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5 Unmistakeable Clues You’re Awesome at Something

There are 5 simple clues that you have a hidden talent. (Scratch that: Hidden superpower.)

A chance encounter turned a very mediocre musician (me) into the rocker I didn’t know I was.

Here they are:

1. You’ve Done It Before …. Badly

Flute, clarinet, and reluctant piano. And me, on bass and vocals.

Playing hymns in an old English Baptist church.

The quality of the sound was …. adequate (to be polite).

2. Somebody Already Awesome, Recognizes It

Sitting in the back of the church was a ex-pro guitarist. Had the scars of hundreds of weekend pub gigs.

He watched me, and said to himself, “There’s a rocker trapped in there, trying to escape.”

Came up afterwards. “I’ve got to put a band together for a wedding. Fancy a jam?”

3. Getting Into The Zone is Effortless

Went round to his garage studio.

Microphones, mixing desk, speakers. We plugged in, and started singing songs I’d heard before …. but never sung. Eagles, Don Maclean, Al Stewart, Paul Simon. Three hours …. flew by.

It was the first of many sessions in that garage.

4. Complete Strangers Ask, HOW DID YOU DO THAT?

The gig.

Joined by a drummer, another guitar, keys. Everybody on vocals, and actually able to SING. Melodies, harmonies, solos ….

The SOUND filling my ears …. was other-worldly.

And I was part of the crew making it! The Spectator …. was suddenly The Rocker, crushing it. Two people came up afterwards. “Are you guys professionals? That was AMAZING!”

(Couldn’t quit grinning for a week.)

5. You Struggle to Articulate an Answer

“No, we’re not professionals.”

“Then how did you do that?”

“I …. dunno. Guess we just like to rock!”



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