22 Things I Will Regret in 2023 (and 6 I Fear I Won’t)

David Kimbell
3 min readJan 3, 2023


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(My tongue sensor indicates it is placed very firmly in cheek)

At all costs, I will:

  • Avoid listening to myself, or recording any thoughts in a journal
  • And, gasp, avoid reviewing that journal ever
  • Avoid listening to my wife, and my kids
  • Let distractions rule my time
  • Destroy or lose anything I’ve built up, and avoid building anything new
  • Avoid reading any success stories
  • Avoid all physical exercise, and on the odd occasion when I succumb, not make it a daily habit
  • Make all decisions in a desperate hurry, motivated by Fear, Shame or Envy (preferably all three)
  • Avoid any conversation that shows even a hint of becoming interesting
  • Avoid anyone who doesn’t look, talk or think the way I do (about everything)
  • Avoid asking any question that doesn’t have a quick and easy answer
  • Play the Status Game: Abuse and dominate those below, fear and kowtow to those above
  • Listen to the news frequently and regularly, and accept everything I hear as fact
  • Ditto for social media
  • Avoid hard, serious thinking (and consume alcohol before it does any damage)
  • Avoid trying anything I’ve never done before
  • Keep my ears tuned for the latest gossip about the Kardashians, Harry & Meghan, Trump, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, and … eh? They’re out now? Well who’s in then?
  • As soon as I hear the said gossip, add my “bit” and keep the chain alive
  • Avoid communication with old friends (and the older they are, the more I’ll avoid them)
  • Avoid anyone with money and a problem I know I can solve for them
  • Do tasks that are worth $20 an hour or less
  • Never answer anyone honestly or openly, or let them know what I’m really thinking

OK, removing tongue from cheek now …

Here’s what I actually will focus on in 2023:

1. Build my reputation, and let the income follow as it will

Keep doing what I’m doing, but look for ways to give my clients even more value.

2. Study real estate investing

And, gasp, actually invest in my first property.

A year ago, I found myself surrounded by a group of men, many of whom are either realtors or real estate investors. Not a space I’d been the slightest bit interested in before, but now it’s got me hooked.

It’s the opportunities you weren’t looking for that are often the most fruitful.

3. Study taxation

Its history, its practice, how the tax man thinks and operates …

And how to avoid losing money to the tax man.

4. Study Bitcoin programming

And how to build the Bitcoin Economy. (Which could be a great way of achieving #3.)

5. Dream with purpose

Over the Christmas break, I re-read Paul Rosenberg’s The Breaking Dawn.

A character in the book habitually asks questions of his subconscious and dreams the answers. he calls is dreaming with purpose. I suspect this is a skill that can be learned by anyone, so I’m giving it a try.

So far … fascinating.

6. Find ways to connect all of the above activities

Because it’s when the different neurons connect that Stuff Happens



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