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Below are just a few ideas about money I collected from Business Secrets From The Bible, by Rabbi Daniel Lapin.

Many completely at odds with what I was raised to believe.

In no particular order:👇👇👇

  • You possess the ability to transform yourself.
  • Making money is a SPIRITUAL activity (HUH? yep)
  • Everything important and joyful you achieve is always in partnership with someone else.
  • Focus on others’ needs and desires, & you will never be short of what YOU need & desire.
  • Be a people person — Success is directly proportional to your Connectivity Quotient.
  • Life is about WHO you are, not What you are.
  • Your authentic identity requires you be INVOLVED with people, not isolated from them.
  • Know how business works; understand specialization and cooperation.
  • Most important organ of leadership is, Your Mouth.
  • The more Change there is, the more you need the Unchanging.
  • When the path isn’t clear … Press forward.
  • Be radically open to soft sounds & faint footsteps in new directions.
  • Know how to Count Your Money (at the table — Kenny Rogers was wrong).
  • Giving Money Away, makes you feel wealthy, AND automatically connects you to other people.
  • How You Feel About Yourself, is how others will see you.
  • Retirement is a BAD IDEA.



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David Kimbell

David Kimbell

Curiosity. Questions. Simplicity. Principles. Meaning. The Vital Few, not the Trivial Many. Be your own Chief Questions Officer.