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12 Traits Setting Billionaires Apart from the Rest

I am very curious about the habits of the ultra-wise and ultra-wealthy.

So I interviewed one of the wisest and wealthiest who’s ever lived: King Solomon.

Here’s what I discovered he did (and had), that lesser mortals don’t:

1. Embraced the Responsibility

Think it must be nice being a billionaire?

Everyone wants a piece of you. You have to put systems and people in place to maintain what has been built. Which makes it hard for the people you DO value to get through to you.

2. Obsessed with Righteousness and Wisdom

That word Righteousness is loaded with negative connotation.

But check out Solomon’s Proverbs. Righteousness and Wisdom are themes woven throughout them.

3. Detested Wickedness, Foolishness

And by implication, the Wicked, and Fools.

Solomon minced no words. Get the Wicked and Fools out of my sight, out of my presence.

4. Obsessed with Justice, Order, Right & Wrong, Truth & Lies

Anyone who tried to curry unmerited favour with Solomon would soon find their heads separated from their shoulders. Including (early in his reign) his own half-brother. No joke.

(Bet that got the gossip chain going.)

5. Deep Concern for Those on the Lowest Rungs of Society

One of the more famous stories about Solomon involved two prostitutes righting over a baby, and how he correctly deduced which was the baby’s real mother.

In Solomon’s world, there was justice for everybody.

6. Hired. Fired. Promoted. Demoted. Commanded.

Corollary of #1 to #5.

Do not suffer fools gladly. Nor the wicked or corrupt.

Prize those who serve you well. Reward them equally well.

Boldly issue clear orders.

7. Be Trustworthy

Which means: Predictable.

People know what to expect when they enter your presence, and they’re rarely surprised.

You do what you say you will do.

8. Study Science

Solomon was a student of Botany and Animal Life.

You can learn a TON about how to succeed, just by studying nature. (Both life and non-life sciences.)

A particular strand of nature fascinated Solomon the most: Human Nature

9. Have a Council of The Wise, and The Skilled

Solomon knew he was the wisest man on the planet. But he also knew he didn’t know everything, and he couldn’t do it on his own.

10. Think. Observe. Reflect. Don’t Do.

Richard Koch has a great mantra: “Action drives out thought.”

If you’re too busy to think …

You’re way too busy.

11. Prize Highly Love, Faithfulness, Purity of Heart, Graciousness of speech

Because these qualities are rare.

Anyone who embodies these …. stick to ’em like glue.

You embody them too.

12. Pick Your Battles, and When Picked, Act Decisively

Only fools try to win every battle.

HINT: Most battles aren’t worth your time and energy.

Pick just a very few. Win those.




Curiosity. Questions. Simplicity. Principles. Meaning. The Vital Few, not the Trivial Many. Be your own Chief Questions Officer.

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David Kimbell

David Kimbell

Curiosity. Questions. Simplicity. Principles. Meaning. The Vital Few, not the Trivial Many. Be your own Chief Questions Officer.

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